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Electric oven M4203G-T

Electric oven M4203G-T
Electric oven M4203G-T

- alttaqat alquswaa (wat): 1300 wat .
- farn se(ltr): 42 ltr .
- sakhanat mn aela wamin 'asfala:nieim.
- hassas hararat: naem.
-imwaqat zamni: naem.
- siniat farana: naem.
- sahl altanzif mae sath mataliyin zijajiaan min alddakhil .
-mrawhat litawzie alhararat :neim.
- lawn ramadi.
Maximum power (watts): 1300 watts.

Oven Capacity (Liter): 42 liters.

Top and bottom heaters: Yes.

Temperature sensor: Yes.

Timer: Yes.

Oven tray: Yes.

- Easy to clean with glass-coated interior.

- Fan to distribute heat: Yes.

- grey.

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