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12 volt high power car vacuum cleaner

12 volt high power car vacuum cleaner
12 volt high power car vacuum cleaner
12 volt high power car vacuum cleaner
12 volt high power car vacuum cleaner
12 volt high power car vacuum cleaner
12 volt high power car vacuum cleaner
12 volt high power car vacuum cleaner
[Strong suction] Upgrade car vacuum has much stronger suction than before, we increased the suction to a higher level of 4500Pa suction, which can effectively pick up objects weighing about 16 ounces, it's strong enough to absorb dust, pet hair, crumbs And other small things in the car.
[Multiple Functions] Vehicle Vacuum supports dry and wet application, which quickly absorbs debris and spilled liquid inside the vehicle (except for corrosive, inflammable and explosive liquid). Comes with 3 attachments (brush, soft long tube, long mouth). The brush can be used to clean hair and stick something dirty on the car. The long, soft tube can be used to clean the surface of the skin without damage. The long mouth can be used to clean the torso or under the seat.

[mrih] sayarat faragh mae silk alttaqat 4.5 mitr yusaeid ealaa tanzif 'ayi mintaqat yaseub alwusul 'iilayha. yati mae haqibat altakhzin , walati tasmah lak litakhzin murih ar faragh wal'iiksiswarat beydaan , jayidatan lilhifaz fi aljuz' alkhulafii min sayartik. 75db munkhafidat aldawda' , wasuhlat altashghil!
[shal alghsl] yumkin tafkik waghasl alfultar lajaeal faragh alsayarat almahmulat ladayha 'aqsaa qadr min kafa'at altanzif almustamir. nasayih sghyrt: sayakun 'akthar quatan 'iidha qumt bitanzif murashah mkanst/fltr mukanasatan fi kl marat min alaistikhdam , wasawf tamtadu 'aydaan eumar aljhaz. yrja aistikhdam faragh alsayarat limudat la tazid ean 15 daqiqatan fi kli maratin.
aism almntj: muknasat kahrabayiyat lilsayara
almudakhalat alhaliat: 8A
almudakhilat aljahd: DC-12v
altaaqat: 106W
disaybl: ≤ 70DB
allwn: 'aswad
[Comfortable] Car vacuum with 4.5m power cord helps to clean any hard to reach area. Comes with a storage bag, which allows you to conveniently store ar vacuum and accessories apart, good to keep in the back of your car. 75db low noise, easy to operate!
[Easy Wash] The filter can be disassembled and washed to make the portable car vacuum have maximum continuous cleaning efficiency. Small tips: It will be more powerful if you clean the broom filter / broom filter every time of use, it will also extend the life of the machine. Please use the vehicle vacuum for no more than 15 minutes each time.
Product name: car vacuum cleaner
Input current: 8A
Input voltage: DC-12v
Power: 106W
DB: 70dB
black color

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