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Herbs and spices

Model: منضف
It removes all kinds of make-up (especially waterproof), cleans and moisturizes at the touch of a unit. It picks up dirt off the surface of the skin, such as a magnet. Shake the bottle and put a little on a piece of cotton. Bitter on the face, eyes and lips without washing..
S.R 25
Model: كريم
Intensive nourishing cream, leaves on hair, for very dry or frizzy hair, nourishes and facilitates styling.How to use: Apply a small amount to wet hair dried with a towel.Ingredients: a real recipe for nourishing and repairing very dry or frizzy hair. Garnier Ultra Doux combines avocado oil, known f..
S.R 20
Model: سيروم
Recipe: Serum for hair ends, with valuable honey benefits, for weak and damaged hair. How to use: Apply to washed and dried hair with a towel. Apply a few drops of serum depending on the length of your hair. Spread the amount over the entire hair. Do not wash your hair after application. An ideal..
S.R 30
Model: زيت
An exceptional mixture of 6 oils extracted from rare flowers to deeply infuse your hair and fine-tuning the fibers for beautiful hair to the utmost degree. Apply 3 to 4 drops on the hair before shampooing to nourish it before drying it with a hair dryer and protect it from drying and give it super s..
S.R 40
Model: كريم
Get beautiful hair with the 5-need Total Total Repair oil replacement from L'Oreal Paris. As it is considered a unique type of hair cream as it is reinforced with oil to repair damaged hair. Because the hair continues to fall with its tolerance to continuous pollution and aging. Where the hair becom..
S.R 20
Model: جل للشعر
The styling hair gel is non-greasy and does not leave any traces on the hair. It lasts up to 24 hours, providing the appearance of natural hair that is gentle on the hair..
S.R 30
Model: قناع
A skin refining & exfoliating facial cleanser Features a clay-to-mousse formula that transforms upon application Powered by three pure clays & red algae Helps remove dirt, oil & pollution without over-drying skin Exfoliates, unclogs & reduces rough pores Skin appears cle..
S.R 45
Model: جل للشعر
You may manipulate your hair with your hands, or touch it with your clothing, or the helmet that you put on, but it will not clatter. New technology innovation, action reminiscent of shape: firm grip and resilient resistance. Designed to allow your hair to avoid defects in shape. Leaves no residue: ..
S.R 38
Model: علاج الشعر
Oil to nourish and strengthen hair.It can be used daily in the morning and evening from 3 to 5 sprays at a time.For best hair nourishment results, gently massage the scalp after applying the product, no rinsing needed.For best results, apply the product 20 minutes after shampoo and do not remove it ..
S.R 630
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