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Juicer - Panasonic - 800W - MJ-SJ01WTZ

Juicer - Panasonic - 800W - MJ-SJ01WTZ
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Juicer - Panasonic - 800W - MJ-SJ01WTZ
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Panasonic Juicer

Drink fresh juice every day, for health.

Easy to make, delicious, and fresh juice is an effective way to obtain juices

Dietary fiber and vitamins to support your health daily.


Basic specifications:

Maximum power (Watt): 800 Watts.

Stainless steel spindle: Yes


the performance:

Control knob: one speed.

Moving nozzle: Yes.


Machine dimensions:

Height, width, depth: 450, 310, 260 mm

Weight: 3.9 kg.


Made in: Malaysia

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