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Panasonic Cordless Phone -KX-TGD510UEB

Panasonic Cordless Phone -KX-TGD510UEB
Panasonic Cordless Phone -KX-TGD510UEB
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Cordless phone with caller ID feature

Washable screen - 1.6 point

English / Arabic / Farsi language game

Support - 1.88 to 1.90 GHz

External speaker to hear the sound

Memory to record numbers - 150 records

Waiting feature for incoming calls with showing the name

Redial memory up to the last - 10 digits

Blocking of receiving calls - 250 records

 Noise reduction

black color

Battery: Ni-MH AAA x 2 rechargeable battery (battery is included with the device)

Battery talk time - up to 18 hours

Battery time in standby state (without talking or using the device) - 200 hours

Weight - 300 grams

Device dimensions (width, depth, height) - 126 x 101 x 87 mm

Speaker Dimensions (Width, Depth, Height) -48 x 30 x 170mm

Made in Malaysia

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