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Smart TV - Panasonic - 65 -TH-65FX430M

Smart TV - Panasonic - 65 -TH-65FX430M
Smart TV - Panasonic - 65 -TH-65FX430M

Screen resolution: 3840 width 2160 height.

Sound: two built-in speakers with a sound power of 10 watts.


HDMI input: 3 versions 1.4A.

AV input: 1 with audio output.

USB port: 1 x (video, photo, and music player), version 2.0.

USB port: 1 (keyboard driver), version 3.0.


Network connection:

System: Linux.

Playability of programs: T Cast, YouTube, Netflix

TV + program to download programs

N Mirroring app to connect the mobile device to the TV.

The internal memory is 4 GB.

Product dimensions without base (mm): 1460 * 842.7 * 81.4.

Warranty: 2 years.

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